Voter Information

New Virginia Laws Expand Access to Voting

Following is a summary:

  • Early voting starts Friday, September 18 
  • No excuse needed to vote early, either in person* or by mail 
  • Multiple forms of ID are acceptable; a photo is no longer required
  • November 3, General Election Day, is a state holiday 
  • Absentee ballots postmarked on Election Day are valid if received by Friday noon

*Vote early in person at the Orange County Registrar’s Office

Read more about the new election/voting laws.

Orange County Office of Voter Registration and Elections

146 Madison Rd., Suite 204
Orange, VA 22960
(540) 672-5262

General Election on November 3, 2020

Check Voter Registration
Register to Vote or Change Your Address
Request an Absentee Ballot

Location for In-person Absentee (Early) Voting

146 Madison Rd., Suite 204
Orange, VA 22960
(540) 672-5262

Orange County Polling Locations

(101) Barboursville Fire House              
(102) Gordonsville Fire House
(201) Lightfoot Elementary School
(202) Mine Run Fire Department
(301) Prospect Heights Middle School
(302) Unionville Elementary School
(401) Locust Grove Primary School
(402) Locust Grove Middle School
(501) Lake of the Woods Club House
(502) Lake of the Woods Community Center
Addresses and map for Orange County polling locations.

Other Resources

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