Redistricting: OneVirginia2021

One Virginia 2021 is a bipartisan group dedicated to taking redistricting out of the hands of the party politicians.

We believe in fair, democratic elections, not elections rigged to favor Democrats, Republicans or just incumbents in general.  In order for the public to express their voice, it’s imperative that elections are competitive, and that means that neither party should be able to put their thumb on the scale at redistricting time.

Right now Virginia has several districts comprised of areas which are almost entirely unrelated:

Both parties have done this in the past, and our current map is the result of collusion among incumbents of both parties.

We encourage everyone to support sensible redistricting reform so that the public gets to regain control over their elected representatives.  Please take a moment to look at their website and consider getting involved.

Blue Action Network Social with Eileen Bedell and Scott Rowe

The Blue Action Network is a group organized for:

Mobilizing progressive activists in the Rappahannock region to educate voters and support forward thinking candidates for political office. “

They have monthly meetings in the Fredericksburg area, and this month’s meeting offers a chance to talk with and listen to progressive candidates just coming off of tough challenges against GOP incumbents in heavily tilted districts.  Both of these candidates made significant inroads, so sharing their insights for working in this partisan environment is very useful.

The meeting begins at 6PM and Eileen and Scott will begin speaking at 7PM.  Castiglia’s is in historic downtown Fredericksburg.  Please come out!

Women’s March on Washington

In response to much of the non-inclusive rhetoric of the last campaign, a group has organized a large march on Washington DC for the day following the inaugural (January 21, 2017).  A permit has not yet been secured, but you can find details here.

From their website:

We stand together in solidarity with our partners and children for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families — recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.

OCDC Fall Picnic – Guest Speaker Eileen Bedell

Come out for our Fall picnic on Sunday, 10/9/16, from 2PM to 4:30PM at Veteran’s Park in Orange (295 Newton Street, Orange, VA).

Eileen Bedell, the Democratic candidate for the VA 7th District, will be our guest and will be speaking briefly and answering your questions about her race against Dave Bratt.

Please bring your favorite dish to share – beverages will be provided.  We hope to see you there!