March for Science Washington, DC – 14 Apr. 2018

The March for Science in Washington, DC kicks off Saturday 14 April, 2018, at 9 am on 15th Street NW between Constitution and Independence Avenues with teach-in tents hosted by The Nature Conservancy, AAAS, the American Chemical Society, the Optical Society, and the Government Accountability Project.

Expo booths will also be open all day on the National Mall, along with letter writing tables and voter registration.

Location:  National Mall, 15th Street, NW between Constitution & Independence Aves


  • At 9 am the Teach-in and Expo tents open.
  • At 12:30 pm the Rally with speakers and musical performances starts
  • At 2:30 pm take to the streets and March for Science!

Sign-up at: RSVP

March on Richmond for Medicaid Expansion: 17 Apr 2018

Extending healthcare coverage to 400,000 Virginians and reclaiming tax dollars for Virginia is not a “maybe do,” it’s a “must do.” The General Assembly will get back together on the 17th to discuss Medicaid Expansion and the 18th to vote on it.   That is why on Tuesday, 17 Apr 2018 from 2-3 pm in Capitol Square, Virginians for Medicaid Expansion will march.

For maximum impact, broad participation from every county and independent city in Virginia is needed. Organizers would like to see each county send at least one carpool of 4 people.  Each participant should have a sign with a Medicaid message or simply the name of home county or city.

If interested, complete the RSVP form so  the Capitol Police may be kept apprised of projected attendance.

Orange County Democratic Committee for 2018-2020

The Orange County Committee met on Saturday, December 2, 2017 and selected committee officers for the 2018-1010 term; a slate was proposed and unanimously adopted by the members in attendance, as follows:

Scott Ruffner –  Chair

Jim Donovan – Vice Chair

Terry Anderson – Vice Chair

Sandra Smith – Secretary

Wayne Garnett – Treasurer

We are doing some preliminary planning for this coming year, but are looking forward to working hard on the 7th Congressional District race, supporting our eventual nominee.  We hope to have all of the Democratic candidates speak to our membership and to build a strong network of volunteers to help with the fall campaign.

At the local level, we’re going to get to work building up a network to help turn out Democrats who come out for the Presidential election, but fall off in other elections.  The victory in Alabama’s special election shows how important it is for every single member of our coalition to vote in every single election; the GOP does!