Abigail Spanberger’s Message to Supporters

Early this week Abigail Spanberger sent the following message concerning justice for George Floyd.

George Floyd died on the ground, his hands cuffed behind his back, and a sworn officer’s knee on his neck. We have all seen the video of him saying “I can’t breathe” and pleading for them to stop, as his life left his body.  

The individuals responsible for George Floyd’s death must be held accountable, and we must all condemn the deaths and murders that have – for generations – stolen the lives of parents, brothers, children, and loved ones, but that’s not enough. As a nation, we must directly confront the bias, hate, and structures that lay the foundation of disparity in our communities, our schools, and our healthcare and justice systems.  

George Floyd cannot simply be one more name in a cycle of violence that takes the lives of our fellow Americans and weakens us as a nation and a people. Amid the anguish felt across our country, if you are looking for ways to take action, please consider supporting the NAACP and its #WeAreDoneDying campaign.   
Thank you,