The GOP’s attack on Medicare

Because the GOP now has full control of the executive and legislative branches of government, we no longer have “divided” or gridlocked government.

The GOP will be able to implement a lot of policies they’ve only been able to talk about in the past.  They can now take action, and without a Democrat in the Whitehouse or control of the Senate, these plans will become law unless we stop them now.

Congressman Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, has been very straightforward about his plans – he’s been talking about this for many years.

He wants to privatize administration of the program, handing it over to for-profit private insurance companies, and only providing a limited subsidy to seniors to pay for premiums.  The cost of Medicare premiums will rise at the same time that the coverage provided is decreased.  Don’t be fooled: Congressman Ryan’s plans threaten the future of Medicare for everyone.

Congressman Dave Brat has made it clear he does not intend to uphold the promise of Medicare – the people who are paying for Medicare now, out of every paycheck.

I have pledged to prevent cuts to Medicare and Social Security for seniors while working on reforms to ensure these programs stay solvent for years to come. – Dave Brat

When he says “reforms” he means taking away benefits.  This is unnecessary and unfair to those who pay for the system.  Congressman Brat is a rubber stamp for Paul Ryan’s radical plans.  These “plans” are for you to pay more money for less care.  There are numerous independent analyses which lay out clearly how these reforms raise costs and reduce benefits.

Medicare and Social Security are programs created by Democrats which are absolutely essential and are depended upon by almost all Americans.    Without Democrats in the Senate and House to defend these programs, we will lose them.